Sprockets Module

This is sort of like the central nervous system of sprox. Views and Sessions are collected in separate caches and served up as sprockets. The cache objects may be solidified at some point with a parent class. They work for right now.

Classes: Name Description SprocketCache A cache of Sprockets Sprocket A binding of Filler and View configs ConfigCache Individual configs cached

Functions: None

Copyright (c) 2007 Christopher Perkins Original Version by Christopher Perkins 2007 Released under MIT license.


class sprox.sprockets.ConfigCache(session, metadata=None)

Bases: object

default_configs = {}
separator = '__'
class sprox.sprockets.ViewCache(session, metadata=None)

Bases: sprox.sprockets.ConfigCache

default_configs = {'edit': <class 'sprox.formbase.EditableForm'>, 'add': <class 'sprox.formbase.AddRecordForm'>, 'listing': <class 'sprox.tablebase.TableBase'>, 'metadata': <class 'sprox.entitiesbase.EntityDefBase'>, 'model_view': <class 'sprox.entitiesbase.EntitiesBase'>}
separator = '__'
class sprox.sprockets.FillerCache(session, metadata=None)

Bases: sprox.sprockets.ConfigCache

Container for Fillers

default_configs = {'edit': <class 'sprox.fillerbase.EditFormFiller'>, 'model_view': <class 'sprox.fillerbase.ModelsFiller'>, 'add': <class 'sprox.fillerbase.AddFormFiller'>, 'listing': <class 'sprox.fillerbase.TableFiller'>, 'view': <class 'sprox.fillerbase.FormFiller'>, 'metadata': <class 'sprox.fillerbase.ModelDefFiller'>}
separator = '__'
class sprox.sprockets.Sprocket(view, filler)

Association between a view and a sessionConfig

class sprox.sprockets.SprocketCache(session, metadata=None)

Bases: object

Set of Associations between widgets and the method to obtain their data caching is disabled for now


alias of FillerCache


alias of Sprocket


alias of ViewCache


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